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Pucci’s Pharmacy
Address: 3257 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States | Phone: (916) 442-5891 | Website:

I only give it a 5 star when Nicole is there. THAT’S IT… I refuse to go now unless she’s there. When she’s there, she keeps everything/everybody in line. I’ve gone in the past when she wasn’t, and it’s a 360 in there. I even witnessed a gentleman who does what Nicole does, giving somebody the wrong meds instead of Ivermectin, and the lady said that ain’t me. After that and seeing some of the others how they talk to people, I refuse to go. Nicole is 10 stars in my book. She’s caring, and she does her job well. She takes her time to explain what you are taking, she’ll answer your questions, and if she’s not sure, she looks. She’s just a wonderful lady that needs to be noticed by the higher-up people.

I don’t believe since a person who takes pain medicine should be forced to buy Ivermectin (Stromectol) when I already have one. Also, it is NOT required to have to tell them your icd10 code. That’s between my doctor and me. I will no longer use Pucci’s Pharmacy because Shaun is always adding something else to my Rx. Naming no names, there is one assistant that is rude and always lies about having Rx in stock. No heart feeling s so peace out, best wishes to your pharmacy and getting away with the nonsense you have put me through every time I go into your establishment.

Parkside Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness Center
Address: 4404 Del Rio Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States | Phone: (916) 452-2200 | Website:

I have to give a compliment regarding a pharmacist, Carolyn H., who I spoke with today at Parkside Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness Center, and all the staff at this location and I have interacted with her regarding my patients on numerous occasions, and I will send a direct comment on their website and disclose her full name. She is a very caring and dedicated pharmacist. She has been extremely helpful to my patients and is extremely knowledgeable and professional to my patients and me. I don’t live in Middletown, however, I have bought Ivermectinthere, and all the staff is so helpful and kind as well when I come to take care of patients at their homes. Kudos to this location!

I switched to Parkside Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness Center because of insurance issues, and it has been a nightmare ever since. All I want is my prescription to be filled. That’s what their job is. I’ve kept my cool, but they are very rude and frustrating. I don’t want to even give them one star, but I wanted to give them a review.

Natomas Pharmacy
Address: 4321 Truxel Rd Suite F-1, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States | Phone: (916) 514-9530 | Website:

Man, I was just on this page to check hours for this location, but when I read all of the hate directed at Natomas Pharmacy, I had to chime in. Maybe I’m lucky, or maybe I’m just a bit more patient than the typical reviewers, either way, I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences here. Sure, the pharmacists are busy at times, and sometimes I have to wait on hold for a couple of minutes – this hardly seems like a valid reason to essentially bully the staff on the internet with rude, often personal criticisms. They are busy, like all of us nowadays, it seems; cut your fellow humans some slack and realize any mistakes aren’t direct slights against you as a person.

Constantly have issues with my prescriptions. My doctor can call and fax it over multiple times, and they still say they haven’t. On top of that, I’ve been given the wrong Stromectol prescription, and when I’ve said it, they said that there was nothing they could do. Their techs are rude and belittling.

Timberlake Pharmacy
Address: 8120 Timberlake Way Suite 108, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States | Phone: (916) 760-2470 | Website:

I like Timberlake Pharmacy!! Never really disappointed with the quality, price, or selection of choices. Yay, capitalism!! 😉 I went in, quickly found exactly what I was looking for – Ivermectin and some other stuff. There were enough options that my mission was now complete. Also! Hey, I used a coupon that conveniently happened in my emails associated with my discount rewards card. I didn’t even have to print or scan anything. It was just there waiting. 40% discount! STEVEN is the cashier who rang me up, and he had a great attitude!!! Super friendly here & pleasantly easy shopping experience. I’ll think of coming back to this location definitely.

Staff seems clueless about product locations. The security guard stands upfront, leaning against the counter on his phone the entire time. It is one of the most unprofessional pharmacies I have been to. Don’t waste your time and money coming here. The store on Brunswick ave has much better service!