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I received top-notch service from every member of the staff. I’m here on vacation with my family. My 9-year-old son was in the ER and diagnosed with Lyme disease. I called dozens of retail and compound pharmacies to obtain the specific antibiotic he needed in liquid form. None of them could help. Your Capital City Pharmacy came through with a same-day, expedited turnaround. They understood how critically ill my son was and did everything they could to help. This took place the day after a long weekend and the 4th of July holiday when they were incredibly busy. They are knowledgeable, helpful, caring, and go above and beyond to help.

One of the worse pharmacies ever. After months of dealing with them, I cant wait to transfer my Provigil prescription to a different store. Constant issues every month and a week delay getting Modafinil over mundane issues that can be handled when dropping off the prescriptions, to begin with.

Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy
Address: 1701 Professional Dr, Arden-Arcade, CA 95825, United States | Phone: (916) 483-3455 | Website:

WOW! I am blown away by the level of professionalism, detail, and SERVICE that is offered here at Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy!! I spent ~10 minutes speaking with the owner, and he is 100% committed to delivering the very highest quality of service to his customers. He even offers a FREE prescription delivery service! I was further impressed that when I needed a specialty prescription that was only available at specific pharmacies, he called the manufacturer and located another pharmacy in the area that was authorized to sell this Provigil medication. I am overwhelmed and beyond impressed with this “over and above” level of service!! Thank you!!

I recently transferred all my RXs to this location because of a move, and it has been a nightmare. They are understaffed 24/7, often do not know what the medicines are, and if they do, they are usually out of stock. They offer no assistance, nor do they contact you to inform you of this.

California Pharmacy
Address: 9550 Micron Ave #2621, Sacramento, CA 95827, United States | Phone: (916) 362-5400 | Website:

I’ve been a patient at California Pharmacy for 5-6 years now & I love this pharmacy. California Pharmacy is everything the big-box corporate pharmacies are not! Eddie & his staff give outstanding personalized service, and any time I’ve had questions, Eddie has researched them for me, many times right there on the spot. They also have/have access to medical supplies & equipment when my mother needed some medical items when she was discharged after a surgical procedure & time at a rehab center, they were very helpful with making sure things were covered by Medicare & delivered promptly. I love supporting my local mom-and-pop businesses & highly recommend the pharmacy!

Terrible service, my insurance requires I get prescriptions here. I’ll drive to Mitchell or anywhere else in the future. Whoever manages this place should resign purely from the embarrassment of their management skills alone, not to mention the rude pharmacy window workers they keep employed.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 5039 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819, United States | Phone: (916) 739-0740 | Website:

This compounding pharmacy is very serious about the quality of Modafinil and the legality. They are serious about the prescriptions of the doctor and everything related to health care. My Modafinil arrived on time and was packaged by all standards. I continue to order my bioIdentical hormone in this pharmacy if I need something specific. Thanks Yuco and her staff for the help.

They said ok on the phone to get a 3-day supply because of no refill on a prescription, and they will contact Dr. I showed up Sat. They said no, only one time you can make the 3-day advance. They told me to call Dr.’s office, and I said they are closed until Mon. Good job, CVS Pharmacy.