Want to buy meds online in Sacramento, CA?

We asked our readers about the best drugstore in Sacramento, and after processing the received data, we present to your attention an updated rating of pharmacies that scored the highest score and positive reviews.

1. MAC Pharmacy
Rating: 4.2 (20 reviews)

“Caring staff. MAC Pharmacy is a great place to fill prescriptions and get everything you need. Always a positive experience.”

“Worst customer service at the pharmacy. They enjoy playing pharmaceutical God while charging you a gigantic price for your prescription. What’s with the 3rd-degree questions? I feel like I was strapped to a chair, and they were interrogating me. The one lady never smiles, and frankly, I think she hates people for the way she treats you. I will never turn a prescription here.”

2. Sand Run Pharmacy
Rating: 5.0 (17 reviews)

“I’ve been there three times, and two of the times I have gotten my prescription after 3 hours, the other time it was the next day. They make the post office and DMV seem exciting. This place needs a management change or to be bought out.”

Sand Run Pharmacy use to be a great pharmacy, but the people in there now are rude and not helpful!!!! “

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.1 (14 reviews)

“Great friendly, knowledgeable staff, old fashion soda fountain, and lots of store items. Very quick pharmacy.”

“Talk about hometown pharmacy!  ViaQX has great personal service, great selection of dry goods, prescriptions filled quickly & a fun place to have a hot fudge sundae! (On a side note, one of the pharmacists here went above & beyond for me when our dog needed seizure medication asap. Not only did she work late, but also put the medication in syringes for me and gave me great instructions. I’ll forever be grateful)”

4. Giant Eagle Pharmacy
Rating: 3.5 (13 reviews)

“Just another reason to keep your loyalty to Publix. Great staff, always super busy and properly staffed.”

“In response to a 1-star review given approximately Feb 7th regarding delivery. This customer made it appear as if she was paying for a service she was not receiving. This is absolutely FALSE. Delivery charges, if any, are NOT charged to the customer until that medication is in the customer’s hands. Deliveries were NOT forgotten, this area because of its seclusion is a 45-minute drive from Freeland and back, multiple hills, curves, and trees, so delivery only takes place twice weekly for maintenance meds, the customer was informed of this….multiple times. Delivery in January couldn’t take place because of SEVERE HIGH WINDS, and this is a safety issue, it would be too dangerous to be on the road during these storms. February again, the patient is told it can not be delivered because roads are COVERED IN ICE!!!! Total disregard for Giant Eagle Pharmacy Employees’ personal safety.”